I have been called to save lives through the teaching of asking the difficult questions and telling of stories; creating a culture of influence by having conversations of change.

I am gifted with the ability to calmly sit in the trenches of another human being, reflect their intrinsic value, purpose, cultivate influence, and develop an inner confidence to life stressors.

Conversations of Influence and Change 

This is a list of topics I speak on:

  • kristie’s Personal Story
  • 12 years of bleeding; i am redeemed
  • living as a godly wife
  • it’s time to stop minding your own business
  • in obedience to god comes freedom, peace, and joy

kristie’s personal story of survival  I do not know if you want to add this in anywhere?

Born and raised in a small town outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania; Kristie was raised with over 350 foster children.  it was a life of chaos, pain, struggle, service, and discovery of her God-called purpose. life choices lead to a lonely place in her marriage and eventual divorce.  in the darkest moments, she no longer felt she wanted to live.  through a story of divine intervention; Kristie’s life was spared.  since that moment she has taken a path of obedience, submission, and surrendering to Jesus.  it has not been easy; but her life has led to a life of love and service to others.   

This is all the instructions to be on my podcast.  In the past I had someone go to the website so I didn’t have to send out each time.

UnSung Heroes Podcast 

Intimate conversations with people just like you about life’s darkest moments and struggles with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, domestic violence, suicide attempts, post-traumatic stress disorder and more. Learn how they not only survived; but thrived.

Be inspired and motivated by their rise to a place of joy in life and Soulful Leadership.  Experience the empowerment of a hero’s healing journey.

Guests share life lessons learned at the most difficult times in their life. It is through their vulnerability, authenticity, and empowerment; they serve today as a Soulful Leader, leading others to greatness. 

Listen as Kristie interviews the most courageous UnSung Heroes in raw, real, intimate, and authentic conversations. 

Schedule to be a guest on the podcast

Often I am asked, ‘what made you start a podcast about such a tough subject?’

Briefly, in 2016 I was moved by a post on Facebook by a women.  She shared that due to a head injury, the pain, and other life stressors, she had planned to end her life.  In a moment of deep sadness, as she heard her children play in the other room; she changed her mind.  That my friend is a Hero; a revolutionary leader.  It is a form of leadership that is rarely recognized.  Her story was empowering to HER to share and to the READERS.

There is a need of recognition of the inner battle with psychological health and the journey to a life of joy among leaders.  The stigma of mental illness is killing people daily.  Too many hide their anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and more out of fear.  Left untreated, the suicide rate is the highest it has ever been in not only adults, but children too.

In 2016, I compiled and published an Amazon best seller book of stories of UnSung Heroes around the globe, including my own.  Each person shares their journey in a very authentic manner with the sole purpose of saving lives. All profit from the book funds the work of the non-profit I founded in 2016, iRise Leadership Institute, with a mission to eradicate suicide. What a gift!  What a revolutionary leader.  This was the start of much more, including the foundation for this podcast.

​Guest Instructions

Desire to have exposure for your business? Draw in clients? Follow me on all social media.  When your story is blasted to the masses; I do not want you to miss it!

I will send a link from Zoom prior to your interview.  The interview will be recorded as a Video and audio.  it will be published as an audio only at this time. Please be sure to test the link prior to your interview.

Be sure to have stellar sound quality.  This is essential to a professional sounding podcast.  I want you to sound your BEST! Be sure to have a quality mic for the interview.

Please be sure there are no interruptions or distractions during your interview.

Due to the nature of the interview, you will want a quiet and private location for your experience to have the highest impact on you and the audience. (This is pre-recorded, NOT LIVE)

Prior to your interview, please send

  • a brief bio (75 words or less)
  • high resolution headshot to kristie@kristieknights.com

Be on time for your interview.  I am working with clients and guests back to back.  I will arrive 10 minutes past the hour.  Be sure you are ready to go when I arrive. We will spend a few minutes chatting to be sure you are feeling welcome and comfortable.

A Script of questions?  Not really…here are a few I may ask.  However, most often I allow the conversation to happen naturally and authentically.  The mark of a Hero and Soulful Leader is the ability to share our experiences authentically so others may grow!

  • Tell me about your life story; in particular, what lead you to where you are today?
  • If you own a business, share your journey.
  • In the past, have you struggled with a mental health issue?  If so, what?
  • How have you risen from a place of darkness to a place of joy?
  • What are some of the common myths about your struggle?
  • What are roadblocks you have encountered in healing?
  • If you wrote a thank you letter to one person, who would it be and why?
  • What is the most common reason people give-up?
  • What is your tagline of advice?
  • What advice have you used to get you through most difficult times? What do you teach to other’s to get through tough times.
  • What support and resources have you used that have been successful?

Promotion or give-aways if you own a business.

You’ve been interviewed!

Thank you so very much and Congratulations!  You are truly a HERO and Revolutionary Leader!

Now what?

Following the interview, it will be edited and an image created.  As you know, I prefer raw and real footage.  If you have any concerns, please let me know!  Otherwise, I simply drop in and fade the intro and outro only.  (No pressure!  You are a rockstar!) If at any time you would like a portion edited, no problem, just let me know!  In roughly 1-2 months your story will be released and featured across the GLOBE!  One week prior, I will share the podcast, and image with you.

Please do yourself a favor; market and blast it out on the day of release!

We want the world to know what a HERO you are!

Currently, your story will be released to the following platforms: C-Suite Radio Network, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Sound Cloud, Google Play, Google+, YouTube, Spotify, and ALL social media outlets.

Please be sure you have followed me.  I want to tag you! Please feel free to use the podcast in any way you would like! Once your interview is recorded, if at any point you do not want it released, or have changed your mind; no problem!  This is YOUR story.

Simply send an email to kristie@kristieknights.com.

Again, thank you so very much for sharing your story, and space with me!  It truly was my pleasure and I am honored