I own and operate a publishing house called: UnSung Heroes Publishing. It was established in 2016 in order to publish my first bestseller: UnSung Heroes: Deconstructing Suicide through Stories of Triumph. We specialize in publishing authors who have struggled with mental health issues and desire to eradicate the stigma through their writing.

I thought I would write a personal note!

Often, a website is very formal, and lacks the connection to others that is necessary to truly assess whether the person would be a great match.  I do not want you to leave this site without having a clear picture of who I am and how I can serve you!

As a child I was raised in a home with over 300+ foster children.  It could be very hectic at times, yes, but it gave me my love of helping others.  The passion for counseling ignited at the tender age of 12.  Hard to believe I am sure!  But, surrounded by children whom were hurting, and parents committed to caring; it just felt right. As I aged I have learned it is my gift to others; the ability to sit in the darkest hour with someone and teach them how loved and valuable they are.
Through the years I also danced.  Tap, ballet, jazz, gymnastics, you name it!  It gave me the perfect outlet for my emotions, plus great exercise.  In times of anger, sadness, joy or pride, I danced!  today, when life gets a bit stressful, I dance.

I married at the age of 23.  A bit young, but I feared growing old alone (silly at such a young age), and I was in love.  We had two beautiful children, Madalyn and Kamron (They are 19 and 20 now).  Sadly, my marriage ended in 2013.  Through the turmoil and triumph of healing, my passion grew into the study of suicide.

In addition to my counseling business;  my goal is to walk alongside someone at their darkest hour, just as it was done for me, to help understand the mind and why such thoughts exist or why a family member died in this manner.

In 2015, I remarried!  Yep, I did it again!  This time, much wiser in who I am, and what I desire in a partner.  I married my best friend, Tom! I have been blessed with his beautiful daughter, Katie.  I have worked very hard, psychologically to come to a place of autonomy, plus the ability to trust and love again.

​I founded and launched a non-profit organization in 2016.  iRise was formed in May of 2016!  Our mission is to raise awareness and prevention of suicide through story-telling. Late 2016 I published a compilation titled Unsung Heroes: Deconstructing Suicide through Stories of Triumph.  It is a series of life stories by people who have struggled with the stigma of mental health diagnosis and have either battled suicidal thoughts or have attempted suicide and survived.  Now they are living a life of joy.  today, I speak professionally about my own journey in effort to save lives.

I can rattle off all my credentials, letters behind my name, and the number of lives I touched. But, none of that is as powerful as a life lesson, and the incredible connection I will create with each one of you!

I look forward to serving you in your journey.  Remember, it is YOUR journey!

Warmly Yours,
Kristie Knights